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Through the Eyes of Mary

Sharon Bird
Mary’s diaries begin in the aftermath of World War I when trains and steamships linked the people of central New Brunswick and birth was a risky endeavour for both mother and child. From there, Mary carries us through technological and social revolutions in transportation, health care, communications, and lighting and heating.

Sharon Bird’s chapter introductions and annotations set Mary’s musings in these wider contexts and helps guide our journey through this fascinating and changing world. Anyone who has experienced or would like to learn more about these times will enjoy this book.

—Alan Sears
Professor, Faculty of Education
University of New Brunswick
Editor, Citizenship Teaching and Learning

Mary’s journals help us understand what life was like nearly a century ago. From selling butter to making sense of global conflicts, we see a world on the cusp of incredible change. Her observations are like threads that weave together local and global events, creating a tapestry that is truly New Brunswick.

Sharon Bird has gifted her readers with the opportunity to listen in on a generation of New Brunswickers that helped to build the modern foundations of our beautiful province. Her commentary only enhances and enriches the experience of looking through Mary’s eyes…

—Philip Sexsmith
Professor, Faculty of Education
University of New Brunswick
Dr. Morehouse's medical bag and artifacts from Mary's time
Mary's diaries