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Writer's Guidelines

Chocolate River Publishing was established to serve the school library and youth market in New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada.

We are looking for the type of books that kids from kindergarten to grade twelve want to read. They should tell a great story, have strong characters, the action should move fast, and a little bit of humour would be great. There arenít many childrenís books set in New Brunswick, so we are particularly interested in seeing books set in New Brunswick and books from New Brunswick authors.

We are also looking for high-lo manuscripts for our Adventure Peak line, a series of chapter books written at the grade 1-2 reading level that will appeal to reluctant readers in middle school and up. These books should have a word count of 5,000 and feature exciting plots and fast action.

Fiction Book Proposals should include a cover letter describing your book idea, market, final word count, and completion date. They should also include chapter summaries and the first three chapters of your book so we have a clear idea of what your book is about and how fast it will grab the reader. The text should be double spaced in an easy-to-read font. Please donít add extra spaces or pictures in your text.

If you would like a reply, please enclose an e-mail address or SASE because manuscripts will not be returned. Proposals should be mailed to:

Chocolate River Publishing
PO Box 7092
Riverview, NB E1B 4T8

If you have an idea for a non-fiction book that fits with the New Brunswick curriculum, feel free to
send a pitch, and we will tell you what we would like to see in a book proposal if we are interested in your idea.

Good luck with your writing. We are a small publishing house with limited resources, so please donít get discouraged if your manuscript isnít a good fit for us.
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